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Women & Wealth Workshop

90 minutes • Group • Virtual


April 22nd, 12:00PM (EST)


1.5 hour

Learn how to cultivate a wealthy mindset and overcome limiting beliefs.


Discover techniques for managing emotions to improve financial decisions.


Explore the connection between spirituality and financial abundance

Develop a personalized plan for integrating wellness practices into your financial goals.


Connect with like-minded women and gain inspiration and motivation for achieving financial success.


You will leave with:


A better understanding of how emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being can impact financial success.


Techniques and tools for developing a growth mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs.


Strategies for managing emotions and building resilience.


Practices for developing a spiritual connection to abundance and gratitude.


An action plan for integrating wellness practices into financial goals.


Led by Claire Buchanan (@breakintoyourpwr), + Jennifer Hallett (@scarlettehaus, @jeylaloves).

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